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03 April, 2014

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Icebound is a steampunk fantasy visual novel and puzzle game that takes place on Permia, an alternate world locked in the depths of an ice age. Two races - human, and the horned, hair-covered ferans - have forged a way of life revolving around alchemy, a special power that allows a select few to manipulate the elements. In the west resides the Holy Empire, whose denizens are masters of clockworks, and in the east, the Council, a powerful alliance of tribes with more traditional views. A wandering alchemist named Dougal winds up in the isolated town of Isenbarr with his Familiar, Isaac, hoping to find a job and earn some spending money. What he doesn't expect to encounter is a web of intrigue involving a clockwork beast, a fetching secret agent, a priestess with mysterious powers, a mad genius, and a group of eccentric alchemists competing to vanquish a deadly monster. Nothing is certain... except that chaos will ensue.


Icebound's development began in late 2011 as a short freeware visual novel. However, I enjoyed the game's fictional universe and decided to turn it into a full length commercial game with visual novel and puzzle elements. After some setbacks in early 2012, the game was rewritten in mid-2012. The in-progress game was shown at Indiecade in early 2013. In 2013, voice acting was also added to the game and a cast of skilled actors and actresses was recruited. A Kickstarter was created to support the addition of voice acting. The Kickstarter was successful and the game was released on April 3, 2014. A voiced version will be released later in 2014 as a free patch. While self-contained, Icebound was planned as the first of a trilogy of games of similar length in a larger story arc. The release date of future Icebound games is currently unknown.


  • A novel-length mystery story in a dark-fantasy, steampunk fictional universe.
  • Interactive choices allow the player to change the main character's alignment.
  • Optional alchemy minigames help unlock new endings.
  • Professional-quality hand drawn art and atmospheric music.
  • Features a cast of more than 20 unique characters.
  • Full HD resolution up to 1080p.


Main Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "4/5" Hardcore Gamer
  • "Runner Up, Most Anticipated VN of the Year" VN's Now, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Considering the amount of average visual novels cluttering digital distribution lately, it’s exciting to see Icebound come along. [...] Anyone looking to get wrapped up in an entertaining storyline for a weekend should give this a read."
    - Marcus Estrada, Hardcore Gamer
  • "[...] the soundtrack [...] is absolutely mindblowing. I loved it to bits. [...] If you’re a steampunk fan, check it out!"
    - Lucy Morris, IndieStatik
  • "The story in Icebound is very strong and well-written. [...] I had a difficult time pausing my gameplay, not unlike how caught up I get when reading an interesting book. [...] Icebound is a well written example of what crowdfunding can achieve."
    - Miyuki, IndieLove
  • "The presentation is excellent, the soundtrack is great and the story truly gets you hooked. Overall, despite the odd hiccough, this is a fantastic visual novel."
    - GamePlayersReview, GamePlayersReview

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Icebound Official Soundtrack
Buy online at julianlangdon.bandcamp.com.

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Fastermind Games is a label created by Jonathan X., a skilled writer and designer, in order to develop high quality narrative-based games such as visual novels and adventure titles.

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Icebound Credits

Jonathan Xikis
Writing, Programming, Production, Game and Concept Design

Stanislav Mištšenko
Kickstarter Producer

Marcos Rubinelli, Susan Douglas
Minigame Programming

Jieun Studio
Final Character Art and Design

Clement Swennes (Misc.), Michael Hussinger (Zoltan)
Initial Character Design

WhiteLions Studio
Final Background Art

Michael Syrigos, Jane Barrie
Initial Background Concepts

Sergiu Zegrean
Environmental Promo/Concept Art

CG/Cutscene Art

Julian Langdon (HandSound), Artem Bank
Music Composition

Daniel MacDonald (HandSound)
Sound Design

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